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"An engrossing chamber opera... The performance is all a composer could hope for."


"A major new work... Five stars. A fascinating new chamber opera.”

Fanfare Magazine - Henry Fogel

“Its a very distinct and imaginative composition.” 

"This is a slice of southern culture that could easily pass under your radar, and that would be unfortunate."

"Jane Holding is an actor who brings an effective southern tone and feeling to her readings… The banjo adds a southern folk quality to the work.”


"Ms Moore[’s]... singing is a delight. Her enunciation is lucid and her delivery of the text is nicely shaped… her commitment to this work is clear in her reading, and she sings it with wonderful affect and technical skill. `Porch’ shows her at her lyrical best."


"Timothy Myers, the conductor, has coordinated the various elements of this production well in a performance that is gripping and moving.”

American Record Guide - Robert Moore



"A tender, intimate chamber opera, Family Secrets: Kith & Kin emerged as the result of a collaboration between composer Daniel Thomas Davis and soprano Andrea Edith Moore;… It is a patchwork quilt that offers 44 minutes of fascination, amusement, and character.”


"The Southern tinge of a banjo adds curious sense of melancholy”


"Jane Holding is a superb narrator; Andrea Edith Moore is not only a fully equipped, fabulous soprano but, perhaps unsurprisingly as collaborator, someone who puts her all into the piece.”


"The disc is only 44 minutes long, but such care has gone into performance, recording, and booklet that that hardly seems to matter. It is rare to find something as completely individual as this… a most impressive achievement, compositionally, in performance, and in recording.”

Fanfare Magazine - Colin Clarke


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