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Upcoming Events


March23, 4:00pm


with Mallarmé


Songs of Spring and Renewal

Chamber music of Mozart and Schubert at the historic St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Hillsborough, NC as a part of the Faith & the Arts Series and presented by Mallarmé Music. 

I'll be joined by Keiko Sekino, piano; Luke Ellard, clarinet and Suzanne Rousso, viola



March 28,


Maundy Thursday Tenebres

Andrea joins Tamsin Simmill and Paul Harris at Holy Trinity Anglican church in Raleigh

for a musical tenebrae service featuring music by Couperin, Purcell and Monteverdi



May 29

Carol Woods

Of Flower and Field

Commissioned and written for soprano Andrea Edith Moore, North Carolina composer Kenneth Frazelle composed Through the Window in celebration of his mother—her strengths, gifts, and struggles. She grew up on a farm near the small town of Richlands, NC. Like her own mother (featured in a couple of songs), she was widowed in her early 30’s, and worked hard to provide, sacrificing luxuries and devoting herself to being the first member of her family to graduate from college. The songs depict “windows” into both humorous, everyday and sometimes tragic pictures of her life, a portrait of a woman growing up in the rural south during the Depression through her years as a young mother. A story of generosity, survival, and persistence will emerge through the song vignettes.

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